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Renaissance Research Paper Thesis Statement


How can I write a thesis statement on the following: I’m supposed to show how the writings of the Harlem Renaissance reflect and support Alain Locke’s thesis that the New Negro, decidedly different from their predecessors, exists?


The key to writing a thesis statement on any topic is trying to distill the essence of your argument into a concise one-to-two sentence statement, which tells the audience the main point of your paper.  Because the thesis statement is your paper’s central argument, you should be able to refer back to the thesis statement while writing the bulk of your paper.  If your paper fails to support your thesis statement, then you know that you either need to revise your thesis statement or work on your paper.


In this scenario, you have been provided with a writing prompt.  You already know what the argument of your paper should be: the writings of the Harlem Renaissance reflect and support Alain Locke’s thesis that the New Negro, decidedly different from their predecessors, exists.  Therefore, you know that your thesis statement should contain references to Locke’s thesis, the Harlem Renaissance, and the New Negro.

Before you can even begin to tackle this essay, it is absolutely critical that you have an understanding of what Locke meant by the New Negro.  Locke wrote extensively on the subject, but the idea, in a nutshell was that the New Negro was no longer willing to submit to racial segregation and would, instead, be a vocal advocate for civil rights.  It is also important to understand when the Harlem Renaissance occurred and who the prominent writers were during that period.


Once you understand the concepts of the New Negro, the Harlem Renaissance, and the authors that influenced it, you can write your thesis statement.  You want to reflect the ideas in your professor’s prompt, without repeating them verbatim.  One suggested thesis statement would be: When one views the works of Harlem Renaissance writers like Claude McKay and Hubert Harrison, there is a clear departure from the prior conciliatory approach of black activists, and a suggestion that African Americans would no longer be content to submit to degrading racial segregation, which supports Alain Locke’s thesis that the New Negro was not just a logical outgrowth of prior African American activists, but a whole different approach to social activism.

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Winky Macadew
Humanities 302
December 2003

The Renaissance is considered "the rebirth" or "the early modern period." This period in history was a time of enlightenment, where some of the greatest poetry, medicine, discovery, art, and many other achievements were accomplished during this time. In general, the world became a new place, but still some ideas or beliefs stayed the same however, many new improved ideas and beliefs formed.

The Medieval period was not a good time to live. This period was rattled with plagues, darkness, and malicious acts of inhumanity. Then the world began to change it began to grow, and the diseases, the darkness, and the harshness started to crumble and disappear into nothingness. However, it did take time to spread across all of Europe, but when the darkness receded people saw the world in a new light and they felt "reborn."

Humanism is the proper study of humankind. In the Medieval period, humanism was not as important, but now in the Renaissance it is. Being more humanistic made them more individuals, which was another movement during this time. They started to think about themselves not as a whole, but as individuals. The art become more individualistic in that they painted more pictures of individuals and the techniques and colors improved making them not so plain and impressionable.

Poetry of the Renaissance is not longer a primary occupation. During the Medieval period, to write poetry was a good source of income, but in the Renaissance, its not even good to publish work under a real name or even a false name. Poetry became more individualized in technique, which was a great improvement. The overall style or fashion of clothes stayed relatively the same, except for the colors began to change. The patterns and the designs stayed the same, but how they were made, the fabric, and the colors radically changed. The fabrics and the colors of the clothes showed status. One such example of color is in the Le Concert tapestries. All the people in that tapestry were of high class, but the lady near the clergy man, was the highest because she was in black, and during that time black sign of the highest class, a "gothic" look. This piece on the other hand is borderline piece between the two periods, so it shows features from both periods.

The Renaissance changed the world for the better. The renaissance brought the world out of the dark ages and into the light. Today we still use advancements that came out of this period. The Renaissance taught us many great ideas that if they had not been found, I do not think that we would be living the same world, that is how much the Renaissance affected us.

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