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Cell Phones And Society Essay

Impact Of Mobile Phones Essay

The mobile phone is considered as one of the greatest invention in the 20th century which highly boosts the community development of human race. Within the past decades, developing countries from the world have seen a remarkably rapid establishment of mobile phone networks which is still ongoing till now. It is a commonly agreed fact that the invention of mobile phone brings far-reaching impacts on our daily lives. As the percentage of mobile phone user increases directly proportional with the development of technology, humans are getting more and more dependent on technology as it has became a kind of necessity in life. Thus, it is very crucial for us to find out what exactly are the socio-economic impacts brought by mobile phones to human life.

In the aspect of economy, improvement of major technology invention such as mobile phone is a kind of driver of growth. First of all, the invention of mobile phone increases job opportunities such as mobile phone retailers, telecommunication services and so on. It also promotes the overall growth of economy of the nation as mobile-money service helps us to manage our money online and or money transfer online. Next, it gives birth to different brands and models of mobile phone which makes the technology market to become more competent in terms of money making. The innovation related to electronic gadgets especially mobile phones are adopted more quickly in developed countries and hence, bringing a larger effect on developed countries compared to less developed countries.

The impact of mobile networks on the environment sector is very significant. While the number of mobile phone user continues to grow, it causes environmental issues to arise and affects our daily life more or less. In this case, mobile phone causes pollution especially chemical pollution to our nature. Disposal of mobile phone certainly bring us a lot of problem because most of the components of the device are non-biodegradable which is a major problem when it comes to mobile phone recycling. Furthermore, it is also a source of sound pollution which may cause annoyance among the people surrounding us. Lastly, we know that it is a source of distraction which is very likely to distract us and lure us to leave things that we’ve already been doing aside, just to check on our phone. Related to that, there are also strong evidences that show the inappropriateness of using a mobile phone while driving as it is one of the causes in the increase of fatal car crashes nowadays.

About the possible health and safety effects of mobile phones, it is a main public concern because any health and safety risk, even the smallest ones, can cause significant public health problems due to the large number of mobile phone user from all corners of the world. Initially, mobile phones cause potential negative effects due to long-term exposure of...

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Mobile Phones and Their Effect on Society Essay example

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As everyone knows we are surrounded by the new technology called Cell Phones. Everywhere you look there is someone talking, playing a game, paying a bill or browsing the internet with their cell phones. Even children are well acquainted with tools and amenities of the object. Due to so many facilities provided by mobile phones nowadays, the abundant part of users becomes sightless about the history, the effects in the future and diseases it might cause in our health.
The purpose of this research paper is to present how the mobile phones have affected people’s lives and the future use of them. First, this research will reveal how the mobile phone emerged and who pioneered the idea. Later it will discuss about new…show more content…

A prosper professional from the company Motorola, the electrical engineering Martin Cooper in 1973 created the first portable handheld which were used by the police of Chicago and soon integrated in every Police Department in United States. After that incredible first step he had the idea of wireless devices which were selected, very heavy and very unpopular, perhaps because of the dull technology they possessed back then.

2. Technologies in Mobile Phones

(Sutter, 2009) says “…mobile phones in the United States will be able to make electronic payments, open doors, access subways, clip coupons, and possibly act as another form of identification.” Five years from now the changes will be enormous in a way it is used, the technology it contains and the safety it involves in users lives. (Digital Trends, 2009) says that mobile phones are not a device which can only be used to make phone calls. Emailing, answering text messages and browsing the internet are features enjoyed by the user of the device as well. However, devices are now equipped with the technologies 3G allowing the user to do more than just the activities listed above. According to (Digital Trends, 2005) the technology 3G is the third generation of mobile phones. This generation can easily watch television, download and listen to music and browse the internet freely due to the increase in the amount of bites

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